Attendance Support


At King James I Academy our Attendance Officer, Mr Bishop, works closely with students and families to offer support and guidance with issues involving school attendance. Correspondence to parents through letters, telephone calls and meetings are supportive with the goal of securing a practical and positive outcome.


The school is aware that positive attendance can help students achieve to their best potential, whilst also preparing students for life outside of the academy. At King James we are also aware of the essential time that students can miss out on by not attending school, which include social inclusion and equal opportunities.  


We expect students arrive at their form rooms by 08:40am, with the expectation of all students achieving at least 95% attendance.


The Academy works closely with the School Attendance Improvement Team to ensure that acceptable levels of attendance are met throughout the school.


If you have any issues or queries regarding attendance, please do not hesitate to contact our school attendance officer, Mr Bishop on 01388 603388