Sport & Physical Education


Department Information

The department consists of five full time members of staff all with a breath of experience in various sporting activities such as football, fitness, swimming, trampolining and basketball.

Students in years 7 and 8 participate in two hours of PE every week, year 9 students participate in one hour of PE every week and students in KS4 participate in at least one hour of PE every week.  In KS4 and KS5 students have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through various examination courses and students are provided with more lessons to achieve this.

Students in PE are offered a curriculum that has many different sporting activities to participate in so that students have the opportunity to develop different skills and experiences.  Students are also offered a range of activities as part of the extra-curricular curriculum and also have the opportunity to compete against other schools.  The department promotes participation and enjoyment whilst learning various skills and values through sporting activities.

In addition to the above students also have the opportunity to enhance their skills and experiences through the various trips that we provide such as rock-climbing, international football tours and trips to the annual tennis competition Wimbledon.

In KS5, students may join our Elite Football Academy as part of our unique partnership progression programme with Shildon AFC and Bishop Juniors FC. More Details:


Key Stage 5


Year 12 and Year 13

Students will have twelve lessons a week on this course.  Within the qualifications students will takepart in both practical and theory lessons.  In their practical lessons they will have to demonstrate skills and tactics in individual and team sports as well as showing their coaching and officiating skills.  In their theory lessons students will develop their knowledge further on the bones, muscles and various systems in the body.  They will also develop their knowledge on injuries in Sport, Business of Sport, Health and Safety in Sport and Psychology of Sport.


Course Title: Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity

Syllabus: OCR

Assessment Summary: 17 Units, 4 Exam Units and 13 Coursework Units


Year 12

Year 13

Unit 1 - Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity – Exam.

Unit 4 - Working Safely in Sport, Exercise, Health and Leisure – Exam.

Unit 2 - Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership – Exam.

Unit 12 - Nutrition and Diet for Sport and Exercise.

Unit 3 - Sports Organisation and Development – Exam.

Unit 21 - The Business of Sport – Exam.

Unit 5 - Performance Analysis in Sport and Exercise.

Unit 14 - Working in Active and Leisure Facilities.

Unit 11 - Physical Activity for Specific Groups.

Unit 6 - Group Exercise to Music.

Unit 17 - Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation.

Unit 13 - Health and Fitness Testing for Sport.

Unit 7 - Improving Fitness for Sport and Physical Activity.

Unit 19 - Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Unit 8 - Organisation of Sports Events.

Unit 20 - Sport and Exercise Sociology.

Unit 18 - Practical Skills in Sport and Physical Activities.