English Literature

This course aims to broaden your mind by reading and analysing a range of literary texts. You will find this course rewarding, enriching and exciting. English is a flexible subject that opens up a wide range of opportunities. You will be required to work independently and think critically.


Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for this course, a Grade B or above in GCSE English Literature or English would be desirable. Should you still wish to be considered with a Grade C, you should request an interview with the course tutor.


How is the course taught?

The course is taught by several teachers to encourage a range of literary critical techniques and opinions. Teaching activities include teacher and student-led sessions, group work and independent study/research. You will also enjoy theatre visits to see texts live at local venues.


Key Stage 5

Year 12

Students in Year 12 follow the AQA English Language syllabus which offers students the opportunity to develop their subject expertise by exploring key language concepts and engaging with a range of texts and discourses.  Students will study English language both as a medium of communication and as a topic in its own right.

Students can also choose to follow the AQA Creative Writing Syllabus which enables students to experience a range of different types of writing.  Students will develop regular reading and writing practices and will learn to: express themselves and their ideas; reflect upon their intentions and outcomes.


Year 12

Love through the ages: Shakespeare and Poetry

Love through the ages: prose


Year 13

Students in Year 13 follow the AQA English Literature Specification A syllabus and offers students an opportunity to develop as an informed independent reader through close reading of a wide range of literary texts.  They will be expected to demonstrate an ability to synthesise key knowledge and link, connect and compare a wide range of texts and extracts.  The syllabus encourages students to explore the relationships that exist between texts and the contexts within which they are written, received and understood.


Students can continue their studies in the AQA Creative Writing Syllabus.  Students will develop their expertise as writers by writing in their preferred form and learn to reflect critically on their own creative processes.

Year 13

Love Through the Ages -  Shakespeare, Unseen Poetry and Comparing Texts

Texts in Shared Contexts – WW1 or Modern Times

Independent Critical Study: texts across time

How is the course assessed?

20% coursework, 80% examination.


Subject Specific Compulsory Activities

Independent reading is a compulsory element of the course. You should read the course
texts and try to read widely around the subject.


Career Opportunities

English Literature offers a number of progression routes including Law, Journalism,
Teaching, Libraries and the Media. The qualification is well respected by universities and
therefore an asset for students hoping to gain a place on any degree course.