Remote Learning Notice

Following the Government Announcement on Monday 4th January 2021, King James I Academy is closed to all students except vulnerable students and the children of critical workers until further notice. Please contact the Academy if you require a place for your child.

Vocational examinations for Year 11, 12 and 13 students have now been cancelled
See here for more information(07/01/2021)
The latest letter from our Acting Headteacher can be viewed here (06/01/2021)

COVID-19 Test and Trace for Students

You should have received a letter regarding routinely testing students and staff for COVID-19.
The letter is also readable here (Updated 5/1/2021).
Click here to sign a digital consent form for each of your children at the Academy.


UCAS Information

We have a UCAS help night that runs every year running up to the deadline for applications in January. We have many facilities to help you make the right choices and the advantage of one to one support from staff when writing personal statements or making choices. Your choice of university can also be helped on its way if you take advantage of the great and many ‘Aim Higher’ trips we put on through Year 11 and 12 running up to the big decision! Visiting universities all over the country, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester and London to name just a few! If there’s somewhere we don’t go, ask and we’ll arrange something!

Important dates

15 October 2020

Deadline for applications to Oxford, Cambridge, and most courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine/science - 15 October 2020

Applications for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for most courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine/science, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time). Check deadline details in the UCAS search tool. The reference must be completed before your application can be sent to us.

15 January 2021

Deadline for the majority of undergraduate courses - 15 January 2021

Applications for the majority of undergraduate courses should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) today (check course details in the UCAS search tool for the correct deadline). The reference must be completed before your application can be sent to us.


UCAS Extra - What is this?

Once completed your UCAS application with your 5 choices, you will await offers and invitations from the chosen universities. If, for whatever reason you receive no offer or decline all that you do receive then you are eligible to apply for one more course at a time, through Extra. This is only however applicable to courses which still have vacancies available.
Once going through this and submitting a new course, you will however not be able to go back and accept any of the previous offers later.

So, once you’ve got your offers you need to reply…

This is by either a ‘firm acceptance’, an ‘insurance acceptance’ or by declining.

  • A firm acceptance/choice is the course/university that you feel is most preferred. This is your first choice!
  • An insurance choice is a choice which acts as a backup to the first. If you do not for example achieve the grades or meet the expectations and conditions of the first offer, but do that of the insurance then you can choose to enrol on that course. You are only able to appoint one insurance choice.
  • If you choose to decline your given offers, you can then use UCAS extra or clearing.

We wish you every success in your university life, and strive to find the best course and university suited to you!