Interactivity Week (Start 13/7/2020)

Moving Into Year 12

Due to this unprecedented time of school closure, we are unable to host our annual Induction Day for potential students who are thinking of joining us in Sixth Form. Instead, we are inviting year 11 students to consider possible A Level and Level 3 option choices with us and to get a head start on year 12 studies, whilst enjoying a taste of what each of your chosen subjects are like. 

Simply choose 3 or 4 of the subjects listed, email them to Mrs Nicholson, Head of Sixth Form, using the online form below and you will then receive access to a range of tasks /activities or projects to work on which will help to prepare you for your chosen subjects in year 12 and help you to make sure you are making to right decision with regards to the subjects you have selected!


Get to know the teaching staff (from a distance!) and join our Google Classrooms where there is opportunity to chat with other year 11 going into year 12 students!


Please use the form below for any questions or to submit your option choices. 


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