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  • D Shearer
  • J Armstrong
  • G Nicholson


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Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. It is the study of society to include Family Life, Crime, Research Methods, The Media and Education. Students will learn the fundamentals of the subject and develop skills valued by higher education and employers, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. Retaining the most popular features of our previous, market-leading qualifications, we have worked with teachers, higher education and the British Sociological Association to produce clear, up-to-date and stimulating specifications. AQA Board

Key Stage 5

Year 12

Unit 1 - In Year 12 students will study modules in Families and Households where they will consider, different family types, theories on families and their behaviour and how family life has changed over time. Assessment – 1 Hour 15 minute Examination

Unit 2 – Students will look at the role of education and also consider how students perform in relation to class, gender and ethnicity. Students will consider the role of the school and also look at key educational policies. Students will consider a range of sociological research methods. Assessment – 1 hour 30 minute Examination.


Year 13

In Year 13 students will study modules covering Media and Crime and Deviance as well as Education

Unit 1 – Students will study Education and research methods as noted in Unit 2 for the Year 12 examination. Assessment – 2 Hour Examination

Unit 2 – in this unit students will undertake a unit on how the media represents society and also will answer questions on Families and households as covered in Unit 1 from Year 12. Assessment – 2 Hour Examination.

Unit 3 – In this unit students will consider the study of Crime and Deviance. Students will consider types of crime and look at theories related to why people may undertake criminal activity. Students will also consider research methods and how these are gathered for crimes.


Year 12

Year 13

Unit 1 Families  and Households

Unit 1 Education and Research Methods

Unit 2 Education

Unit 2 Topics – Media and Families and Households


Unit 3 Crime and Deviance