Teaching Staff

  • E Smith (Director of Learning)
  • I Heddle – Music Teacher
  • F Casewell (Brass)
  • K Coulls (Upper Strings and Vocal)
  • P Waite (Guitar)
  • S Abbott (Drums and Percussion)

Curriculum Intent for Music

Music is an inclusive subject which reaches out to all students. The academic nature of reading notation, understanding theory and musical analysis challenges all students across the key stages. Performance elements allow scope for expression, confidence building and social development. Composition gives students the opportunity to use their creativity in writing music and lyrics. Instrumental development equips students with a life-skill of being able to play a musical instrument. With this wide ranging latitude, Music can provide an enriching and inspiring learning experience for all


Department Information

Making music involves more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; a child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. For instance, people use their ears and eyes, as well as large and small muscles. Music is a language, music is an academic subject, music is an art form. It’s a subject which covers a multitude of different aspects and offers countless opportunities.


Key Stage 4

RSL Level 2 – Certificate in Performance for Music Practitioners.

Unit 201: Musical Knowledge                                 

Unit 202: Musical Performance (Exam)                                          

Unit 204: Instrumental Study


Students will have numerous performance opportunities throughout Key Stage 4. They will also have first choice on enrolling with our peripatetic instrumental music teachers.


Year 10

Performing: Students will select a primary instrumental focus and participate in both ensemble and solo practical workshops. They will perform live and showcase their developing instrumental/vocal skills.

Musical Knowledge: Students will learn about the evolution of different styles of music. They will also learn about social and technological factors which attributed to the inception of the genres. 


Year 11

Students will be given a brief which asks them to perform live music for a given time period set to specific them/concept (practical exam). This can be solo or ensemble based.   

Year 10

Year 11

Unit 201 – Music Knowledge (Core)

Unit 202 – Exam

Unit 204 – Instrumental Study (Optional)




Learning Journeys

Key Stage 4 Learning Journey - Music - Key Stage 4.pdf