Teaching Staff

  • E Smith (Director of Learning)
  • I Heddle – Music Teacher
  • F Casewell (Brass)
  • K Coulls (Upper Strings and Vocal)
  • P Waite (Guitar)
  • S Abbott (Drums and Percussion)

Department Information

Making music involves more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; a child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. For instance, people use their ears and eyes, as well as large and small muscles. Music is a language, music is an academic subject, music is an art form. It’s a subject which covers a multitude of different aspects and offers countless opportunities.


Key Stage 4

BTEC NQF L2 Music.

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance                                  25% of final grade

Unit 1: The Music Industry (Exam)                                           25% of final grade

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product                                            25% of final grade

Unit 7: Music Sequencing                                                             25% of final grade

Students will have numerous performance opportunities throughout Key Stage 4. They will also have first choice on enrolling with our peripatetic instrumental music teachers.

Year 10

Performing: Students will select a primary instrumental focus and participate in both ensemble and solo practical workshops. They will perform live and showcase their developing instrumental/vocal skills.

The Music Industry: Students will learn about the Music Industry/Business. They will study how copywrite procedures work and also investigate the wide range of roles and organisations which underpin the industry. 

Year 11

Managing a Product: Students select either to stage a Live Performance or  undertake a Music Recording project. This is predominately group work and relies heavily on collaborative efforts from peers.  

Music Technology: Students are shown how to sequence electronic music using a range of sophisticated software and MIDI instruments. Compositional activities allow scope for creativity, while the scientific language of programming is imparted and explored.    

Year 10

Year 11

Unit 5 – Music Performance

Unit 2 – Managing a Music Product

Unit 1 – The Music Industry

Unit 7 – Music Sequencing