Media Studies

Curriculum Information about Media Studies at King James I Academy

Teaching Staff

  • L. Davies-Burton (Director of Learning)
  • L. Whitaker

Department Information

Our Creative Media courses incorporate many different areas of the Media Industry and combine theoretical and practical aspects of Media Studies. We try to cover a wide range of areas; print based media, advertising, film, TV, social networking, websites and gaming.

Students cover four main areas: How to analyse existing media products, the impact of media upon consumers, how to present ideas and create their own media products, and how to evaluate their own work.  Courses allow pupils to develop academic and key skills and to decide upon their vocational pathways in media. They are given access to a range of specialist equipment and work on creative briefs relevant to the media industry.

Courses are popular amongst Key Stage Four and Five students alike and allow students to gain technical and analytical skills with many opportunities to develop their vocational skills.


Key Stage 4

Year 10/11

Students will gain an overview of the media industry and will learn about different media platforms and begin to analyse them. They will complete four units of study including one exam unit worth 25% of the final grade. They will also plan and pitch their own media idea for a magazine product, which they will then create using professional design software, and study moving image products before creating their own short film.


Year 10

Year 11

Creative Digital Media Industry: Platforms, Audiences, Theory and Representation

Creative Digital Media Industry: Platforms, Audiences, Theory and Representation

Planning and Pitching a media idea

Digital Publishing: Magazine production

Moving Image: Short Film Production



Key Stage 5

Year 12/13

Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the media industry as a whole. The course combines analysis of media products from the print and film sectors leading to an online exam. It also includes the practical planning and production of a realistic magazine project which will be professionally printed.

In Year 2 students use their knowledge in a realistic challenge to respond to a given client brief. They must undertake and present research and mock ups for a suitable product.


Year 12

Year 13


Representation in media: Audiences, theory, communication techniques

Responding to a brief: Researching an audience, planning and pitching a concept

Pre-production portfolio: Research, ideas, finance, logistics

Digital Publishing: Magazine production (part 2)

Digital Publishing: Magazine production


Extracurricular Activities

Media students have access to the Media room each lunchtime, during enrichment periods and after school to use the equipment and improve their knowledge and skills in Media.