Curriculum Information about History at King James I Academy

Teaching Staff

  • L Whitaker (Director of Learning)
  • R Riddell
  • G Keeler
  • S Dent
  • O Alcock
  • J Longstaff

Department Information

King James Academy history department allows students to develop skills and knowledge which makes them more aware of the society in which they live. We encourage an investigative approach to the subject with students encouraged to ask questions and be inquisitive about the world around them. Students are challenged to analyse sources and also consider the causes and consequences of important events in British and World history from the Medieval period to the Modern era. During each year the students study a unit – ‘History Around Us’ where they undertake an historical visit and assess the importance of the site studied.  This includes visits to Durham Cathedral, Jorvik and the Ripon Prison and Workhouse.  Students study History from Key Stage Three to Key Stage Five and cover a variety of different topics as outlined below.


Key Stage 4

Year 10

OCR GCSE History B

Paper 1: A combination of 2 Units with a 1 hour 45-minute exam on the topics outlined below.

Paper 1: British History- Thematic Study- Change and continuity between 1250-present: Crime and Punishment 1250-present: Examination: 1 hr 45minutes: 20% of final marks

Paper 1: British History- Depth Study: The Elizabethans 1580–1603: Examination: 1 hr 45minutes: 20% of final marks

Paper 2: History Around Us-Environmental study of chosen historical site: Durham Cathedral Examination:  1 hr: 20% of final marks

Paper 3: A combination of 2 Units with a 1 hour 45 minute exam on topics outlined below.

Paper 3: World History- Period Study: Viking Expansion 750–c.1050: Examination: 1 hr 45 minutes: 20% of final marks

Paper 3: -Historical situation involving different societies/ cultures: Living under Nazi Rule 1933–1945: Examination: 1hr 45 minutes: 20% of final marks       

Year 10 OCR GCSE History

Students in Year Ten following the OCR GCSE History course will learn about a range of topics on the two-year course. In Year Ten they will study the topic of Crime and Punishment from 1250 to the present day. A trip to Ripon Workhouse and Museums also gives them an understanding of the way in which criminals were treated during the 19th Century; which saw some of the most important changes to Crime and Punishment in Britain. Students will also learn about Elizabethan England and threats from abroad: most importantly the Catholic threats and the attempted invasion of the Spanish Armada. Students will carry out a source based enquiry of this time period. Students will also carry out a site visit to Durham Cathedral and prepare key responses to their Paper 2 examination in explaining its importance as an historical site.

Year 11 OCR GCSE History

Students will learn about important events in World History. This will include a study of Viking expansion where students look at key aspects of Viking expansion between 750 and 1050 AD. Students will have to analyse and explain the key features of Viking expansion. Students will also study life in Hitler’s Germany and use and analyse a range of sources to consider how he established and maintained a dictatorship and its impact upon the German people. A proposed visit to Berlin would further enhance students’ understanding of this topic.

GCSE OCR History

Year 10

Year 11

Crime and Punishment 1250 –Present day

Viking Expansion 750–c.1050

Elizabethan England 1580–1603

Living under Nazi Rule 1933–1945

History Around Us-Environmental study of chosen historical site: Durham Cathedral

Exam Preparation: all topics