Curriculum Information about Art at King James I Academy

Teaching Staff

  • J. Aitkin (Director of Learning)
  • D. Collingwood
  • L. Mulryan

Department Information

The art department at King James I Academy believes that students benefit from their contact with us in a variety of ways that are not measureable.  We strive towards giving our students experiences and freedoms to achieve excitement in Art and design and Photography, through elements of risk taking and fantasy, sometimes learning through chance.  We aim to challenge student boundaries learning that there is more than one way to achieve a goal.  We aim to open students’ eyes to areas beyond their sphere of experience enhancing their awareness and understanding of themselves and their abilities.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

All students in KS3 follow a fine Art, 3D and cultural scheme based around key themes

Students in Year 7 develop skills in colour, mark making, mixed media and 3D design. They are influenced by artists and designers and art from different cultures

Year 8

Students continue on their journey in year 8 and build skills and techniques, experimenting and learning through chance. Y8 students focus on team work and team building skills focusing on our learning wall and the thinking colours and 5r’s plus one. Students follow topics on the themes of contemporary art, 3d Cubist Heads and Aboriginal Journeys.

Year 9

Year 9 students are challenged to work as they would in GCSE and are given the opportunity to become independent and produce work to a given brief. Students develop further skills learnt in previous years and begin to explore further with new techniques and material including hot wax batik.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Under Water

Contemporary Art


Fantasy Food

3d Cubist Heads


Cultural Celebration

Aboriginal Journeys

African Culture

Key Stage 4

Year 10 & 11

This Art Department follows the AQA Fine Art and Design and Photography GCSE course. The course is made up of 60% coursework where students work on a theme based project and produce a final exhibition. The exam is 40% and is also theme based. Students are given six weeks to prepare studies and a final design plan. They then have ten hours working time to produce the final piece. This is the process for the exam where students have 10 weeks preparation followed by a 10 hour exam. The aim of the course is for students to create a unique, lively and individual approach to work and to meet the full range of assessment objectives through experience in a range of processes, media, materials and techniques which are appropriate to their aptitudes, interests and abilities. We take our students on gallery visits to complement their studies and inspire their work further.

Year 10

Year 11



Natural Forms



Key Stage 5

Year 12 & 13

The Examination board for AS is AQA. We offer both Art and Design and Photography. The students follow project briefs and have resources and help sheets which are devised by the department. The department teaches students new skills, when necessary, to enhance work. There is a yearly exhibition for students, parents, and the community to celebrate achievement. All work is continually assessed by the department and by a moderator at the end of each year.

Year 12

Year 13

Coursework Portfolio

Personal Investigation

Externally Set Assignment

Externally Set Assignment


Extracurricular Activities

We run Key Stage 3 art clubs on Monday and Tuesday lunch times, and Key Stage 4 on Wednesday and Thursdays. Enrichment is ran every half term for both KS3 and 4 students.  We also run master class sessions with the holidays for our Key Stage 4 and 5 Students to develop skills through workshops.


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