Health & Social Care

Intent Statement

Students will deepen their knowledge of how Life Experiences, illness, Society and other factors such as Support Networks can influence growth and development across the lifespan of an individual. 

At KS5, students will: 

  • Gain practical experiences of supporting individuals with Health and Social Care needs in order to support their understanding of the care and support required for Individuals with Additional Needs; 

  • Learn about relevant guidance and legislation which impacts on the delivery of Health and Social Care within England, in order to deepen their knowledge of the processes required to gain Care and to deliver Care. 

  • Deepen their knowledge and understanding of the impact of our society on the health and wellbeing of different groups within society. 

  • Develop independent research skills in order to find out about current issues and research within Health and Social Care. 

  • Further develop writing skills to produce extended pieces of written coursework, which includes deeper analysis and evaluation of the issue in question. 

Department Information

The Department of Health and Social Care at King James has had tremendous success with students doing both Level 2 and Level 3 courses. It has enabled students to work in the Health and Social Care Sector of employment or to continue their studies at University. Students have gone on from Health & Social care to work in the Care Sector, Early Years, Education, and the NHS to list a few.

 We have developed firm relationships with local organisations who offer work placements and guest speakers to enhance what is learned in the classroom environment. This provides students with an excellent insight into how their learning can be applied in the ‘Real World’.

Within the course at both levels 2 and 3, students develop a breadth of knowledge about how humans develop across the course of their life and of different Social, Environmental, Genetic and Personal factors that impact upon Development, Health and Wellbeing.  Students also develop knowledge and practical skills which relate to the working sectors of Healthcare and Social Care.


Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 student can opt to study the BTEC National Extended Certificate (5 hours per week over two years). The National Extended Certificate requires students to undertake four units of work.

Students may also be given the option of a placement within the Health or Social Care sector at the end of year 12.

Year 12

Students will investigate Human Lifespan Development and the factors which will have an impact on Growth and Development throughout the Life Span. We will also look at working in the Health and Social Care sector, to prepare students for future employment in this field. Students may have the opportunity to take a Work Placement to support this learning. We also consider why some people are more likely to become ill than others and how Public Health is tackling this. Students will complete a unit of work on providing effective care for individuals, which helps them to understand the different elements involved in supporting people in the Health or Social Care sector.

Year 13

Students will examine current research in the sectors and understand the strengths and limitations of Research Methodology.  We will look at good practice in promoting Public Health on a National and Regional scale. Students will also look into the health and safety aspect of working within the sector, including Safeguarding Practice. With our final unit, students will gain knowledge of a wide range of additional needs that individuals may face and how to support those with these needs.

National Extended Certificate in HSC

Year 12

Year 13

Human Life Span Development

Exam 25% of final grade

Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs

Coursework – 16.5% of final grade

Meeting Individual Care and Supporting Needs

Coursework – 25% of final grade

Working in Health and Social Care Sector

Exam – 33.5% of final grade


Learning Journeys

Health & Social Care Extended Certificate

Year 12 Learning Journey - Health & Social Care Extended Certificate - Year 12.pdf
Year 13 Learning Journey - Health & Social Care Extended Certificate - Year 13.pdf