Extended Project

This is a free-standing qualification which is awarded for an extended piece of work. ‘The Project’ can be based on any subject you are interested in and will be a single piece of work requiring evidence of planning, preparation, research and autonomous working. You will develop Independent Thinking and Research Skills, Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills and skills in Essay Writing and Presentation.


Intent Statement

  • Allow learners to explore a topic of personal interest. 

  • Provide learners with the skills they need to be independent learners in preparation for further studies at university level.  

  • Develop a successful and challenging research proposal

  • Manage a project effectively including time management and planning. 

  • Introduce learners to a range of relevant research methods which they can apply to their project. 

  • Learn how to write in an academic manner using the Harvard Method and the importance of referencing at this level and into future study at university.  

  • Learn how to present ideas to a non-specialist audience.   

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for the course but a committment to independent study is essential.


How the course is taught

Throughout the course you will work closely with your Tutor on a one-to-one basis to develop a personal project idea. The most important part of the course is that you demonstrate that you are learning and developing new skills. Workshop sessions will help you to develop and weekly targets are set to undertake independent research.


What areas are covered by the course?

Students may study the subject over either one or two years. The core areas that are covered include the completion of a Production Log, a Presentation, Written Report and/or an Artefact.


How is the course assessed?

Work is recorded in a Progress Diary, and at the end of the project you will present your piece of work. You will be assessed on your Diary, Project and Presentation.


Career Opportunities

Universities value the skills you gain on this course as Creative Thinking, Independent Working and Self-Management are a major focus. The skills will benefit all undergraduate courses as well as various employment fields.


Learning Journeys

Extended Project

Year 12  
Year 13