Audiobooks for free on ePlatform app

May 2024


This year at King James, we invested in the ePlatform app, a dedicated eBook lending app which allows our students to read eBooks anywhere, any time and on multiple devices, including their school Chromebook. Now, as requested by both parents and students, we have expanded our subscription to include a wide range of audio books.

The platform hosts around 1,800 eBooks which can be easily filtered by genre and age from the ‘Browse’ tab and there is something to suit all ages from Years 7-13 with security measures in place to ensure that students are only able to access appropriate reading material for their age range. Students can choose from a selection of top titles and customise how they see the book by choosing a font size and style, changing the layout and even adding a coloured overlay.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our students and parents on ePlatform as a resource, and suggestions on how to make it even better, which we have taken on board. There were a number of requests for access to audio books, and as a result, our ePlatform Library now includes a selection of over 1,000 audio books. For more information or help to access ePlatform, please speak to Mr Wheatley in the Academy Library.