Hamsterley Forest adventures

April 2024


Students took part in a range of activities including den building.

A group of students in Years 8 and 9 have enjoyed a day of outdoor activities at Hamsterley Forest with Mr Blackburn and Mr Wheatley.

Mr Blackburn organised the trip as an extension of our popular Forest School programme, which is designed to help young people build confidence and team working skills, alongside giving them the opportunity to put their subject learning into context.

Activities included a hike to explore the natural beauty of the forest and the plant life and nature within it, a den building challenge to create an effective shelter from limited resources, a session in wood whittling, and a session in how to safely start and manage a fire pit. There was also time for some fun at the park and a walk around the Gruffalo Trail.

Overall, the trip was an excellent way to build team working and communication skills, and to recognise just how resilient they really are!