Activity Day for Years 7-10

July 2023


Just one of the Year 10 groups who took part in the Lip Sync Challenge.

Each year, during the final week of term at King James, we host Activity Day, where Heads of Year organise a variety of fun activities for students in their year group.

Year 7 students spent their day at Auckland Park where form groups competed against each other in a range of challenges. They began with an introduction to the Deer Park followed by a range of fun, drama-themed games in form groups led by Mr Murgatroyd; these included races and freeze frame games. Next, groups were given paper and tape and challenged to design and build a castle using techniques to create a strong structure. After lunch, each form group created a timeline with their Tutor to reflect their Year 7 experiences at King James and the day ended with a quiz back in school.

Year 8 students took a trip to Lightwater Valley Adventure Park in Yorkshire, where they enjoyed an action-packed day of rides, from the more sedate Carousel and Express Train to the exhilarating Flying Cutlass and Skyrider, and the terrifying Eagle’s Claw and Dragon Drop! They also played mini golf, took on the Treetop Trail and explored the Interactive Arcade and VR, Hall of Mirrors and Discovery Woods.

Students in Year 9 enjoyed a themed event in school, which involved a variety of inflatable activities including a bungee run, obstacle course, sumo suits, bouncy castle and the super-difficult Total Wipeout challenge. Not only were the activities hilarious for both participants and spectators alike, but they were also a great form of exercise!

Finally, our Year 10s enjoyed a carousel of activities around the school, which included the hilarious Lip Sync Challenge complete with wacky costumes and props, pictured here. In the Main Hall, students chose an outfit and song for their group performance, which was filmed and played to the year group at the end of the day. They also ran the gauntlet in an outdoor water challenge, took part in an Escape Room game and a forensic science activity, and were even treated to ice cream sundaes.