Studying mise-en-scene at Beamish Museum

July 2023


Ruby P and Ruby J signed the incident log at the 1950s Police Station.

Here at King James, 15 of our dedicated Year 10 Media students have attended an educational trip to Beamish Museum. The trip, with their Teacher, Miss Davies, also served as a reward for their consistent hard work throughout the academic year.

The students got the chance to explore Beamish and connect with the history from the 1800s-1950s, seeing sites such as Pockerley House and gardens from the 1820s landscape, the 1900s pit village and town, and the 1950s town. However, we have to say that the iconic fish and chips, ice cream and bon bons are what especially caught our students’ eyes here!

This learning experience was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate mise-en-scene, which means ‘setting the scene’. This is a huge part of the Media industry, and links directly to what students have been learning in their lessons. Things such as sets, props, makeup, costumes and lighting are all components of mise-en-scene, and all are often used in period dramas and films such as Warhorse, Bridgerton and Call the Midwife, as well as at Beamish.

The trip gave the students the opportunity to see this first-hand in a fun environment which they loved, despite the wet weather, which did not love them! However, a bit of rain never hurt anyone and they didn’t let that stop them from having a wonderful time.

Written by Lilly R, Year 12