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Latest KJ Linked Newsletters:

Learning Toolkit

Our Learning Toolkit page has been provided to support our parents / carers with good ideas and practical suggestions that can support them, as they support their children's education at home.


Teachers' Good Ideas

In this section we will provide regular updates from our teachers.  Staff will highlight the innovative and educational ways in which they are using time to support our students, and their own families, and the way in which they are turning our current challenges into exciting opportunities. 


Sharing Good Ideas

We want you to share the ways in which you are supporting your children, with us.  We want to highlight your creative and innovative ideas with all of our visitors and to promote 'Learning to Inspire' to a wider audience.  If you have an interesting idea, or a funny anecdote, that relates to supporting education at home then please contact us via email (kingjames@kj1a.com) and tell us all about it.  Images, if appropriate permissions are provided, would also help to bring your idea to life.  Thank you.