Please see below contacts for Special Educational Needs and Disability at King James I Academy

Miss Wall is the designated Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO) and would be the first point of contact for information about SEND provision.


  • Mr S. Whitehead     Acting Headteacher               
  • Mrs M. Stewart       Designated Lead for Safeguarding
  • Miss C. Wall           Designated Teacher for Children Looked After
  • Miss R. Coy            Assistant SENCO and Access Arrangements coordinator
  • Mrs E. Varley          Designated SEN Governor / Mental Health and Wellbeing Governor
  • Mrs Aitkin                Deputy Head Teacher / Senior Lead Mental Health and Wellbeing

The above named people can be contacted by telephone on 01388 603388 or by email on the form at the bottom of the page.


It is the SENDCO’s responsibility: 

  1. Oversee the day to day operation of the schools SEND policy and line manage the SEND team.
  2. Liaise with the relevant designated teacher where a looked after student has SEND.
  3. Advise teachers on using a graduated approach to providing SEN support.
  4. Advise on the deployment of the schools delegated budget and other resources to meet the student’s needs effectively.
  5. Liaise with and provide a point of contact for parents/carers of students with SEND
  6. Liaise with and be a point of contact for external agencies.
  7. Liaise with previous and potential next providers of education to ensure students and their parents are informed about options and the smooth transition is planned.
  8. Ensure that the school keeps the records of all SEND students up to date.
  9. Work with the Head Teacher and school Governors to determine the strategic development of the SEND policy and provision in the school.
  10. Work with the Head teacher and governing board to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 with regards to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements. 


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