Football Awards for Finley

June 2023


Year 7 footballer, Finley H.

Talented young footballer, Finley H in Year 7, pictured here, has received a host of awards at Belmont United's Presentation Evening.

Finley, who has always been a huge fan of the sport, began playing football for Bishop Juniors and St. Mary's at 7 years old, however when lockdown struck and training sessions were suspended, he found himself unable to play and compete with his usual teams. Now, back on the pitch again, Finley plays for King James, Belmont United and Durham FC.

Not only has Finley impressed teachers as a player for King James, but he is also a superb defender for both Belmont Under 12s and Durham FC. In the recent Belmont Presentation Evening, Finley won the ‘Players’ Player of the Season’ trophy, the ‘Parents’ Player of the Season’ trophy and the ‘Most Man of the Match Awards’ trophy, alongside a League Winners team medal and Coronation Cup medal.

Finley has played 32 matches for Belmont and Durham across the season from September 2022 - April 2023, and he was declared ‘Man of the Match’ 15 times, which is an incredible achievement, especially as this accolade is most often awarded to strikers.

Well done to Finley; we look forward to seeing what the new season brings!