Sports Day events to round off the year

July 2022


With music from Mr Middleton’s playlist and glorious sunshine, an excellent time was had by competitors and spectators alike at our Year Group Sports Day events this year.

Events took place over two days, with students taking part in field events including Shot Putt, Discus, Javelin, Standing Broad Jump and Standing Triple Jump; and track events including 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 4 x 100m relay.

At the Year 7 event, Mr Blood’s Form group claimed the first place trophy with 130 points, beating Mrs Cross and Miss Dixon’s Form groups into second and third place.

In Year 8, the winning Form group was Mrs Kelly’s, with an impressive 133 points overall, and Mrs Binns and Miss Wilkinson claimed second and third. Mr Riley’s Form group took first place in the Year 9 competition with 126 points, just one point ahead of Miss Howard in second and Mr Saunders in third.

Finally, Miss Whitaker’s group were the winners at the Year 10 event, closely followed by Mrs Keeler and Mrs Dawson. Well done to everyone who took part!