District Biathlon Competition Results

October 2012


Matthew with his Gold Medal

A team of thirty King James 1 students attended St John's School this week to compete in the district Biathlon Competition. The team, captained by Year 9 student Tom and made up of other students from years 7, 8 and 9. All the students competed in both running and a swimming events; the times for which were added together and turned into a total number of points.

All students put in a fantastic performance in what were dreadful weather conditions. The Year 9 boys team made up of Tom and Paul won the Year 9 boys team event, but the biggest success of the day was in Year 7 where Matthew received Gold in his event. His individual number of points total has even qualified him for the National Semi-Finals which will be held in Crystal Palace in January. Teegan and Alicia also beat the qualifying points total to book their place at Crystal Palace.