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Support for Parents

Where your child has been asked to self-isolate, please note that our excellent Parent Liaison Officers, Manuela Sewell and Kelley-Anne Aldsworth, are available to support you in ensuring that your child is able to continue to access their education remotely using their Chromebook computer. They will make early contact with you to introduce themselves and they will be available to answer any of your questions or queries.

Lessons from Auschwitz

November 2018


Accompanied by Mrs Cross, Director of Learning for Religious Studies, two of our A'Level students have recently flown to Poland to take part in a one-day visit to Berkenau and Auschwitz One camps to learn more about the Holocaust.

Year 13 students, Ashleigh S and Mathew H, who are both studying Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, took part in seminars before and after the event to look at ways that we can learn from history to ensure that events such as the Shoa will never happen again. The trip, which was organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust was designed to help young people learn more about the impact of the Holocaust and how it was ever able to happen in the first place.

Both camps offer an emotional insight into the suffering experienced by victims of the Holocaust and the experience gained by students has inspired our "Next Steps Programme" where we will be supporting Durham County Council with a contribution of Art, Dance performances and the Porrajmos display at Bishop Auckland Town Hall for a Free Holocaust Memorial Day Service.

This first-time service will provide an opportunity for the local community to remember the Holocaust and hear a Holocust Survivor talk about their personal experience. More information regarding the event and tickets will be available soon.