100% Pass Rate - Fantastic A Level Results!

August 2013


From left: Bethany G, Ben C, Adam B and Amy P celebrate on results day. All will be attending University in September..

Our Sixth form students are celebrating after another year of success and improvement in AS and A2 examination results. We wish to congratulate the superb attitude and efforts of these students in achieving such high standards.

Particular praise goes to students who have excelled in specific subject areas, some of whom are mentioned in the following review. At King James, we pride ourselves on the care we provide to students and the appropriate curriculum offered. This has led to an increase in average points achieved per entry, which is well above the national average based on 2012 results. This reflects the emphasis on providing an appropriate programme for all students. 66% of our students have achieved at least 2 A*-B grades, which represents a significant improvement on already good results in previous years.

In Year 13, 100% of students achieved success in their chosen programmes of study, with many of these achieving the higher grade levels. At King James, we are proud of the extensive range of subjects we offer, which means that students can chose the most appropriate career paths to suit their individual needs and abilities. Ben C achieved a B grade in both Drama and Business Studies, and will now study a degree in Business Management from September. Jack S achieved a B grade in Business Studies, Mathematics and Drama, and an A grade in Geography. Our annual Aim Higher programme has inspired him to undertake a degree at Glasgow University from September. Jack is one of many students who have achieved well across a range of diverse and broad ranging subjects offered as part of our Sixth Form curriculum. Kate D achieved an A* in Art, an A grade in Sports Studies, and a B grade in Applied Health and Social Care, again highlighting the excellent achievement of our students across a varied range of subject areas.

Special note goes to students following the A-level performing Arts Programme. 87.5% of students achieved an A or A* grade, with the only other candidate achieving a B grade. A-level Art students achieved similarly well, with many students achieving A*, A and B grades on the 2 year programme. Our Year 12 students have also achieved similarly well in these subject areas. Particular praise goes to Megan B and Daniel W, who have both achieved A grades in AS Art, and all 14 students studying AS Performing Arts have achieved A grades during their first year of study- a fantastic achievement.

As an academy with a significant and sustained history of achievement in the arts, we are proud that this set of results represents our position as a leading provider of creative and performance-based subjects in Bishop Auckland and the surrounding areas.

Vocational subjects have also seen students achieve excellent standards, continuing a long tradition of achievement in this area for King James students. In Applied Health and Social Care students achieved superbly, and in BTEC Business Studies, Ava P and Katie Z achieved two Distinction * grades, and Dale L achieved a Distinction/Merit grade, meaning that all of the students on this course achieved at least one A grade. Results are similar across the range of vocational subjects, with most students achieving Distinction* and Distinction grades on their BTEC courses.

Mathematics results also saw students achieve excellently. We expect our students to continue their successes in academic subjects, such as Mathematics and Science, as they continue their studies into Year 13.

Many of our students will now continue to study a range of courses at university from September but our significant commitment to providing careers education and guidance will also see several of our students follow alternative pathways, including those accessing employment in various sectors and undertaking apprenticeships in well-established local and regional businesses.

Based on the excellent results achieved by our students, we are greatly looking forward to offering an even wider range of courses from September. New programmes will include History, Law, Physics, Creative Writing and Sociology. Additionally, our students will benefit from our new 4G football pitch facilities from this year, a year which will also see the implementation of the Martin Gray Football Academy BTEC Programme. This is specifically focused on students with talent and interest in football and is delivered by former-professional footballer Martin Gray, our partner in further enhancing the excellent sporting provision offered by the academy.

Our successes and our future development, including the re-development of the academy as part of the Government's Priority Schools Building Programme, will see students benefit from extensive improvements to educational facilities and opportunities for learning. We look forward to even greater successes in the future.

A Level Results Day 2013

Upper Sixth form students are celebrating 100% pass rate this year with many achieving A* to B grades in their A Level and BTEC studies. All who applied to University secured their place on results day.