Year 5 Curriculum Week

June 2019


Students enjoyed making pizzas and fresh fruit kebabs in Food Technology.

Guided by a team of Sixth Form Mentors, around 500 primary school pupils from 15 different schools in our local area have visited King James this week for our annual Year 5 Curriculum Week event.

During the week, pupils take part in an exciting range of taster sessions, many of which offer new learning experiences thanks to the extended facilities we can offer. In Science, students enjoyed a Forensic Investigation activity where they were challenged to examine a crime scene involving a dead body and look for clues to solve the crime. In the lab, pupils worked in teams and moved around various specialist evidence stations examining footprints, fingerprints and dna samples taken from the scene. At the end of the session, detective teams discussed their findings and presented their theory!

In Food Technology students created healthy mini pizzas and fresh fruit kebabs with chocolate drizzle, and there was food on offer in our Languages Department too at the "KJ Café Francais, where students learned how to place an order in French to sample baguette with a selection of popular French toppings.

Pupils in Religious Studies were challenged to make important life or death decisions in a thought- provoking game called "Who Goes – You decide'. Mrs Cross gave students the scenario of an island soon to be devastated by a volcanic eruption and one hot air balloon is the only means of escape. Only three people on the island could fit into the balloon so some would have to be left behind and students had to choose between a pregnant woman, a teacher, a priest, a chef and a footballer with some very surprising choices and reasons for decisions!

Visitors also experienced some of the starter activities that are enjoyed by our Drama and Performing Arts students in every lesson. In an activity called "Freeze Frame' students were tasked with using body language and facial expression to communicate an emotion and hold their pose when the teacher told them to freeze.

Other activities included learning about WWII in History, designing your own dragon in Library sessions inspired by the popular novel and movie, "How to Train Your Dragon', team building games in Camp USA, and a range of sporting activities in PE. Students also attended fun learning sessions in Art, Geography, Maths, English, Music and Computing.

Pupils attended the event from Cockton Hill, Crook, Etherley Lane, Timothy Hackworth, Prince Bishops, St Andrews, St Helen Auckland, Victoria Lane, Thornhill, Escomb, Oakley Cross, Copeland Road, Toft Hill, St Anne's and Woodhouse Primary Schools. We hope they enjoyed their time with us and look forward to meeting them again at our Year 6 Open Evening Event in September.