Year 7 Parents Evening - 14th June 5pm-7pm

Drama Outreach at Picnic in the Park

July 2018


Students demonstrated how Drama can unite children and young people of all ages.

Last term, two of our Year 9 students, supported by two of our former Sixth Formers worked on an exciting primary outreach project called "Picnic in the Park' in partnership with the Auckland Project. The activity took place in the beautiful grounds of Auckland Castle.

Year 9 students, Dylan N and Imogen S were chosen to work alongside Niamh E and Holly H, who have both recently returned from a sixth-month work placement in Brazil. Together, the team delivered a programme of fun, 30-minute Drama workshops to over 250 primary school pupils in both nursery and Year 1, from a number of different primary schools in our local community.

Workshops were designed to build confidence from a young age through the power of personal expression and movement, and to show how drama can unite children and young people of all ages.