Parents Tell us Reasons for Choosing King James I Academy

March 2018


Miss Moses and her daughter attended our Year 6 Open Evening event.

In September 2018, due to an exceptionally high number of applications, 184 young people will be joining Year 7 at King James. This is the largest intake we have had in recent years, and one which has led us to employ a number of additional Teachers to ensure that our class sizes are not increased.

Parents had many reasons for choosing to apply to King James; these are just a few of their comments:

“King James is the best school offering Sport, Music, the Arts and Science, which all interest my son.”

“My son would like to go to King James as it has a Sports Academy and he is a gymnast. He also wants to become a sports teacher when he gets older.”

“My son doesn’t want to attend his nearest secondary school. He is very familiar with King James I Academy and some of the students that will be attending as he already plays football at the school; this will make his transition to secondary school easier. The school is within a reasonable distance and King James even provide transport so it will be no problem getting there.”

“King James is the school chosen by my son; he likes Performing Arts and the department is excellent.”

“My daughter already attends King James so I know it is a good school.”

“My son has his heart set on going to King James. The moment he set foot in the school on Open Evening his enthusiasm for learning increased tenfold. I watched him walk around the school and take part in activities with enthusiasm and he was grinning from ear to ear. He has talked about it ever since because the school inspired him and it was fun. The teachers are dedicated and seem to understand what is needed to ignite a passion for learning in young children such as my son who is not normally a ‘classroom’ learner. Socially he already feels like he belongs and has made friends at the school. A lot of his friends are also applying for the school and it is important for him to be accepted. My son is also proud at the thought that his Dad went to King James so he is following in his footsteps!”

“My son wants to attend this school as it has had the best reports. We have visited other schools and did our own research but this one comes out top and he liked what he saw at the Open Evening event.”

“Having looked into all of the local schools, King James stood out to our daughter as the school she would most like to attend. The English Department was very impressive and this really appealed as my daughter has an ambition to become an author. We also felt it had the best, varied after-school activities and club, and that overall the school will really bring out the best in her.”

“King James is the school my child has picked out because she really liked it when she went to Open Evening. The opening presentation was fantastic, the teachers, pupils and canteen staff were all so pleasant, and the school has so much to offer. My daughter has two cousins who started Year 7 in 2017 and they really enjoy it."

“Following our visit to the Open Evening, my son and I feel that King James offers the best secondary environment that will enable him to flourish and achieve his potential. We were particularly impressed with the balance of academic achievement and opportunities for students to develop in other areas such as leadership and sport. My son is a keen sports person and participates in a variety of additional activities at his current school where he represents the school at a County level; King James is the perfect environment for him to pursue his goals academically and to achieve his ambitions in competitive sports. The Academy values and approach to learning very much fits with our values as a family, and our approach and commitment to our child’s education.”

“My son decided he wanted to go to this school in Year 1 of primary school; our friends’ children speak so positively about the school and I have heard nothing but good reviews.”

“Our child thoroughly enjoyed the school at the Open Evening. We were all impressed by the facilities, the approach of the teaching staff and the student feedback. The Academy has good GCSE results and like the fact that it has a Sixth Form College.”

“King James is a great school, especially for Drama, which my son loves.”

“My daughter has anxiety problems but when she went to King James she instantly felt comfortable and safe.”

“We have visited a number of schools and both my daughter and myself feel that she would enjoy her time at King James. She would learn in an environment she feels comfortable in and be able to contribute to school life in a number of ways.”

“King James is just an amazing school!”

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