Student focus group event for Mental Health Week

May 2023


The event was orgaised by students to raise awareness about mental health.

To support Mental Health Awareness Week, our Year 9 Mental Health Focus Group organised a lunchtime event with information and a range of activities.

The event was inspired by Japanese Artist, Yayoi Kusama, who is also known as the ‘princess of polka dots. The artist has suffered with her own mental health issues for many years, and focusing on artwork with colourful dots offers her an effective coping mechanism.

One of Kusama’s most important pieces is a completely white installation called the ‘Obliteration Room’, which was displayed at the Tate Modern Gallery in London. The piece invited participants to contribute towards the work by adding coloured dots, and we did the same at our event, with students adding dots to a white table and chair! Other activities included a ping-pong cup challenge and a message wall.

The event was attended by Sophie Fenner, who works for the Stamp it Out Partnership, which is an organisation that are working hard to raise mental health awareness among young people.