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Mrs Cross Supports the NHS at Weekends

February 2021


Mrs Cross pictured her in uniform at the A&E Department

Our Director of Learning for RE, Mrs Cross has been working weekends to help the NHS.

She has been working as a bank Health Care Assistant for NHS Professionals, mostly working out of North Tees at the moment, but she has also worked across Leeds, Sheffield, Mid Yorkshire, Harrogate, James Cook, Northallerton and Sunderland in all departments from A&E and Theatre, to Intensive Care, Oncology and Outpatients!

She said, “I started when I was at University and never stopped. It’s such a rewarding job being able to help someone, even with a cup of tea, when they’re at their most vulnerable. I feel very lucky and privileged to do it, especially at the moment, despite how hard it can be. I get involved in the gory bits, but also the compassionate side of being able to just chat to someone to offer some comfort. It’s very humbling. I’ve worked with some utterly incredible staff nurses, doctors, surgeons, ward clerks and house-keepers who I really have so much admiration for. Working in a hospital means that I have also received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.”