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13/07/2020 - KJ Linked Issue 15 released!

As you will have seen, the Government is encouraging secondary schools to consider a partial return for Year 10 and Year 12 students from Monday 1st June 2020. Our view continues to be that it is important that we take appropriate, extensive and considered actions to assure the safety of all members of our school community to make the right decision at the right time.

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Interactivity Week (Start 13/7/2020)

Hands-on Forensic Science in Religious Studies

December 2019


Year 9 Religious Studies students have recently visited the Centre for Life in Newcastle to take part in an exciting Forensic Science workshop.

Our Religious Studies curriculum includes a wide variety of topics including a module on Crime and Punishment, and this workshop gave students the opportunity to learn about the processes and techniques involved in gathering evidence and identifying a murderer. As part of the scenario-based workshop students used the latest technology and techniques to analyse fingerprints, DNA, handwriting, clothing and hair fibres to determine a perpetrator.

Whilst at the Centre for Life, the group also visited the Planetarium, where thanks to its sophisticated digital technology, students were able to experience an immersive journey through space and the solar system. They were fascinated by the real-time Live Skies show, which allowed them to see what’s happening in space right now.

In addition to this, students were able to enjoy the wide range of interactive exhibits and learning activities on offer, including using green screen technology to create their own weather report!