Happy Pi Day!

March 2018


Pi Day competition winner, Lucas M with his edible prize.

Celebrated each year on March 14th (3.14), Pi Day is dedicated to the mathematical constant. First recognised 30 years ago in 1988 by Physicist Larry Shaw, Pi Day observers celebrate in different ways.

At King James, students took part in a ‘Guess the Pi Day Ding-bat’ activity during form time as well as competing in a pi recitation competition. Pi is an irrational number that goes on forever and has no recurring patterns, so it can be rather tricky to memorise even a few digits of pi.

We would like to congratulate our winner, Year 8 student, Lucas M, who successfully memorised and recited 56 digits of pi to set a new King James record! Connor W in Year 7 was our runner-up. Both boys were issued with a prize of... pies of course!

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