Bulletin Issue 1: September/October 2012

September 2012

Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP)

In May 2012 the Government announced that

nationally, 261 schools will be rebuilt and

redeveloped as part of their £2bn investment

in improvements in school buildings. King

James I Academy successfully submitted a

bid for this funding, as a result of being able

to independently submit a bid following its

conversion to Academy status in June 2011,

and is now beginning the process of realising

its vision.

King James I Academy Vision

King James I Academy aims to provide creative and

inspirational learning experiences which encourage young people to achieve their full potential and to become intelligent, responsible, productive and caring adults who are well prepared for the challenges of a world full of opportunities.

King James I Academy is a learning community in which all ages meet to share and develop their talents and to promote mutual respect for all people; whatever their age, gender, ability, background or beliefs.

Future School

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