Teachers attacked (but all for a good cause!)

June 2012


It's not very often that students have permission from Mr Grieveson to attack members of staff or to engage in a water fight but at the end of half term they were positively encouraged to both. It was all down to an in-house fundraising event that invited students to "Soak a Teacher' for 50p to raise money towards forthcoming student trips to Ghana and France.

Health and Social Care Teacher, Miss Buchanan, who came up with the idea, had no shortage of volunteers from our fun-loving teachers. The members of staff chosen to take part - Mr Longstaff, Miss Wilson, Mr Fox, Miss Johnstone, Mrs Humble, Mrs Lamb, Mr Longbourn and Miss Buchanan herself -drew a massive crowd of student spectators at lunchtime as they prepared for a good drenching, and that's exactly what they got!

As expected, students happily lined up to hurl cold, wet sponges at the willing victims however, what wasn't anticipated was the onslaught that came from colleagues or the Sixth Formers who had secretly negotiated a deal and paid £5 to throw the whole bucket. The event raised a grand total of £70 and many student requests for it to become a regular event.