646 Visitors at Year 6 Open Evening!

September 2019


Year 6 pupils were fascinated by the activities on offer in Biology.

A grand total of 646 visitors joined us this year at our annual Year 6 Open Evening event this month. As is usual, families were able to take a tour, enjoy a wide variety of fun learning activities in school, and meet our staff and students.

Both children and their parents were fascinated by the hands-on activities in Biology, which saw them handling and dissecting internal organs and examining cells under the microscope, and the experiments in our Physics and Chemistry laboratories. In Food Science, students decorated their own cup cake and sampled some of the dishes they can expect to cook in lessons at King James such as healthy stir-fry.

Creative students enjoyed a range of activities in Art, Photography and Media, and for those with a passion for performance, our talented Drama and Performing Arts students led a number of dance sessions where visitors were able to learn new steps as a group.

In Music, pupils experienced our excellent computer teaching tool and learned a little guitar and keyboard, and there were fun mini-lessons and themed activities in History, Geography, Religious Studies, Maths and English. Visitors were also welcomed into our Library, Nurture Centre and Common Room. We hope everyone enjoyed their visit and look forward to meeting successful applicants next year.