Media Students get Tips from LA Film Producer

September 2018


Jamie Margolin with his partner Julie, first and second from left, and our Sixth Form Media students.

Jamie Margolin, a freelance film producer and cinematographer from Los Angeles has recently visited King James. He participated in a Q&A session with Sixth Form Media students as part of their Level 3 BTEC Creative Media course.

All of the students were intrigued by Jamie’s personal journey into the competitive film industry; with a passion for film he started as an intern and worked hard to develop and improve his skills, and learn from others along the way. Now he is an established producer. Jamie has worked on a selection of TV series and movies, including a documentary series called ‘After the Raves’, which is currently available on Netflix.

Jamie agreed to visit the Academy following a recent film shoot on the Isle of Eigg, which is a remote island off the west coast of Scotland. He was working there filming for an American TV show called ‘Islands Without Cars’.

During the session Jamie described both the advantages and disadvantages of working in the film industry, whilst also giving the students insightful tips on how to work around a budget, the importance of lighting and camera work, how to use props and costumes to their advantage and much more. Year 13 students are currently working on a fictional film unit as part of their course so Jamie’s advice will certainly help to make sure their productions reach their maximum potential.

Year 12 student, Logan L said: “The interview has helped me to gain a much better understanding of the film industry. Jamie was really honest about the benefits of working in the sector, as well as the struggles you’re likely to face as you try to get established. I learned some great tips about camera work and lighting techniques which I’ll definitely use. It was very inspiring.”

Mrs Davies, Head of Media Studies at the Academy said: “Here at King James, all departments work hard to seek out opportunities for our students to build real life skills and learn from industry practitioners. Visiting speakers provide an honest and realistic insight into a specific career and this helps to inspire and motivate students.”

Written by Year 12 student, Kyle B

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