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07/07/2020 - KJ Linked Issue 13 released!

As you will have seen, the Government is encouraging secondary schools to consider a partial return for Year 10 and Year 12 students from Monday 1st June 2020. Our view continues to be that it is important that we take appropriate, extensive and considered actions to assure the safety of all members of our school community to make the right decision at the right time.

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Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff List at King James I Academy 2018-2019

Mr Grieveson Headteacher
Mr Whitehead Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum )
Mr Longstaff Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour / Attendance) 
Mrs Stead  Assistant Headteacher (KS4) 
Mr Brown Assistant Headteacher (KSE / Vocational) 
Mrs Aitkin Assistant Headteacher (CPD) 
Mrs Armstrong  Health & Social Care 
Mr Bedwell English
Mrs Binns Maths
Mr Bishop  Maths / Head of Year 8
Mrs Brown Maths
Miss Burn English
Mrs Burnip Maths
Miss Burton Geography
Mr Bushby P.E/Sports Studies/Travel & Tourism
Miss Coates Geography
Mr Collingwood  Art/Design & Technology Graphics
Mrs Collinson Science (DoL)
Mrs Coy Maths / Nurture
Mrs Cross RE (DoL)
Miss Curtis Maths
Mrs Davies-Burton Media (DoL)
Mrs Dawson  English (DoL)
Mrs Dent  Careers & Guidance/Vocational
Mrs Donnison  English
Ms Farrar Food/Art
Mr Fenwick ICT/Computing
Miss Ford Science
Mrs Franklin ICT/Computing (DoL)
Mrs Glen  Maths (DoL)
Mrs Gowland English
Mr Graham English
Mr Hagerup Science
Mr Heddle Music
Mr Hetherington  Geography (DoL)
Miss Howard  Drama/Expressive Arts (DoL)
Mrs Humble P.E/Expressive Arts / Assistant HoY 11
Mrs Keeler  History 
Miss Kelly English
Mrs Lamb Food (DoL)
Miss Lazenby Art
Mrs Lennon Science
Mrs Lobb Business Studies (DoL)
Mrs Lumley-Imerson Science
Mr McArdle Maths
Mr Milton Science / HoY 7
Mrs Mulryan  Art, Photography, DT Graphics/ Product Design (DoL)
Mr Murgatroyd Drama
Miss Newton Science / HoY 7
Mrs Nicholson Health & Social Care/Open Pathways (DoL)
Miss O’Connor PE (DoL) 
Miss Owen English
Mrs Patterson  Geography / HoY 10
Mrs Rajesh Maths
Miss Reynolds English
Mr Riley Science
Mr Saunders Maths
Miss Scott Maths
Mr Shearer Sociology / Psychology
Miss Short PE / HoY 9
Mr Smith Music (DoL)
Miss Stephenson MFL (DoL) / Transition Coordinator
Ms Stewart English/Designated Child Protection Officer
Miss Talbot ICT/Computing
Miss Thornton Business Studies
Miss Thwaites English
Miss Wall  SENCo/English
Miss Whitaker  Media/History (DoL) / HoY11
Miss Wilkinson RE/Drama
Mrs C Wilson Science
Mrs L Wilson Science