King James I Academy is full for Year 7 in September 2018. If you would still like your child to be considered for a place then please submit your admission application as a matter of priority.

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff List at King James I Academy 2016-2017

Mr Grieveson Headteacher
Mr Whitehead Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum / Reporting / Behaviour)
Mr Longstaff Assistant Headteacher (KS3) 
Mr Shearer  Assistant Headteacher (KS5)
Mrs Stead  Assistant Headteacher (KS4) 
Mr Brown Assistant Headteacher (Vocational) 
Mrs Aitkin Assistant Headteacher (CPD) 
Mrs Armstrong  Health & Social Care 
Mrs Balooch-Khosravy Maths
Mr Bedwell English
Mrs Binns Maths
Mr Bishop  P.E/Sports Studies
Mrs Brown Maths
Mrs Burnip Maths
Mr Bushby P.E/Sports Studies/Travel & Tourism
Miss Coates Geography
Mr Collingwood  Art/Design & Technology Graphics
Mrs Cross RE (DoL)
Mr Cuddihy Music
Mrs Davies-Burton Media (DoL)
Mrs Dawson  English (DoL)
Mrs Dent  Careers & Guidance/Vocational
Mrs Donnison  English
Mr Elliott Drama (DoL Citizenship)
Miss Ford Science
Ms Giles ICT/Computing
Mrs Glen  Maths (DoL)
Mr Heddle Music
Mr Hetherington  Geography (DoL)
Miss Howard  Drama/Expressive Arts (DoL)
Mrs Humble P.E/Expressive Arts
Mrs Keeler  History 
Mrs Lamb Maths / DT Food
Miss Lazenby Art
Mrs Lennon Science
Mrs Lobb Business Studies (DoL)
Miss Mafham English
Mr McArdle Maths
Miss Millington ICT/Computing (DoL)
Mr Milton Science
Mrs Mulryan  Art, Photography, DT Graphics/ Product Design (DoL)
Mr Murgatroyd Drama
Miss Newton Science
Mrs Nicholson Health & Social Care/Open Pathways (DoL)
Miss Nixon Science
Miss O’Connor PE (DoL) 
Mrs Patterson  Geography / HoY 11
Mrs Rajesh Maths
Mrs Read English
Miss Reynolds English
Mr Riddell History
Mr Riley Science
Mrs Robson English
Miss Short PE / HoY 8
Mr Smith Music (DoL)
Miss Stephenson MFL / HoY 7
Ms Stewart English/Designated Child Protection Officer
Miss Tanton MFL
Miss Thornton Business Studies
Mrs Wall  Health & Social Care
Miss Wall  SENCo/English
Miss Wharton English
Miss Whitaker  Media/History (DoL) / HoY10
Miss Wilkinson RE/Drama
Mrs C Wilson Science
Mrs L Wilson Science
Mrs Wright English/Assistant SENCo