Latest news from Modern Foreigh Langauges

July 2024


Year 7 students, Denny and William with some of the penpal letters.

Our Modern Foreign Languages department works hard to enhance classroom learning with a variety of exciting activities.

The department has a well established pen-pal project and all Key Stage 3 pupils who study French write and receive at least two letters from our partner school each year. This is a great way to learn about French culture and to share their lives with their French friends.

Students also took part in the Peace Crane Project 2024, pictured below, as part of the North-East Festival of Languages, by making origami crane birds with a message of peace on their wings and these became part of a art installation in Durham. The project is designed to promote peace across the world and a broader understanding about different cultures.

Year 8 students joined a Futbol Lingo webinar where Pierce Kiembi talked through reasons why football and languages go well together and then went through all of the different careers in football where speaking a language is necessary. Year 9s also took part in a ‘Where can languages take me?’ webinar, where different people talked about the jobs they do which involve speaking a foreign language, and Year 10s visited Auckland Castle where they took part in a workshop and completed research for a piece of writing about their home town.