Creative and functional design in DT

July 2024


Students tested the structural integrity of their prototype cafe chars.

In Design Technology, students create physical products with a focus on attractive but functional design.

In one of their first challenges, students were challenged to make packaging to hold chocolates that was both practical and attractive enough to appeal to buyers. They were also challenged to test their structural skills by creating designs in miniature for prototype chairs which would be suitabe for a cafe environment. The brief specified that the chairs had to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so students had to think carefully about the materials they would use for the actual product. Of course, it had to be waterproof, but it also had to be light enough to carry indoors, whilst being strong enough to hold adult customers.

Once they had designed their chairs, students had to test the strength of their structure. Students also designed and built a prototype model for a single storey house on stilts which would be able to withstand flooding.