Students attend the Into Film Festival 2023

November 2023


Year 11 Media students, Kayleigh, Hannah and Michaela at Cineworld.

Media Studies students in Years 10-13 have enjoyed a trip to Cineworld, Dalton Park, to watch Disney's Haunted Mansion as part of the national Into Film Festival 2023.

Each year, the Into Film Festival gives students free access to a wide variety of top films in cinemas across the UK; this means that schools need only to arrange transport and therefore the trip can be greatly subsidised and accessible to all.

This year, Media students watched the 2023 remake of Disney's Haunted Mansion which stars Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito and Jamie Lee Curtis. The film features a diverse range of character types, all of which have a strong story to tell, and this made the movie an excellent example of representation in the media. Students were also impressed with the great balance of humour and jump scares, and the special effects throughout.

As students are currently working towards exams and controlled assessments in January, Haunted Mansion will provide an excellent case study for them to analyse and discuss in their work.