Virtual Author session with SF Said

November 2023


Year 7 students, William G and Caitlin L enjoyed the event.

60 students in Years 7 and 8 have enjoyed a virtual author session with SF Said as part of our Library events programme.

SF Said is the author of 'Varjak Paw', 'Phoenix' and his most recent book, 'Tyger', which is hugely popular with our Key Stage 3 readers. In the session the author talked about his sources of inspiration, his writing process and how he manages to remain resilient when dealing with rejection from publishers.

This was an inspiring session for our most avid readers, many of whom had already read the author's books. In fact, it was so inspiring that none of his books made it back to the shelf as they were immediately taken out on loan by students who were excited to read them after watching the event!