Trust Merger

King James I Academy is currently consulting on a proposed merger with the Eden Learning Trust, and we are seeking the views of stakeholders on this proposal.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions documents below for more information

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will happen to the pupils?

Pupils will continue to attend King James I Academy. The vision and ethos of the school will remain the same.


What will happen to the School leadership?

The current Senior Leadership Team of King James I Academy will remain. The current Board of Trustees will remain as Local Governing Body for the Academy. The Head Teacher will be responsible for standards in the school as he is now.


What will happen to the staff of the school?

The staff of King James I Academy would be employed by Eden Learning Trust and remain working at our school.


Will there be more activities for my child?

There are numerous opportunities for pupils in Eden Learning Trust’s family of schools to be part of joint activities and events e.g. sports competitions, university visits etc.


Will I still be able to meet/speak to someone who knows my child well?

The Head Teacher and the Leadership Team, as well as the Heads of Year, Form Tutors and Student Support workers will all be based at King James I as they are now.


Will my child’s education suffer?

No. Opportunities for learning would be enhanced and improved as the school can share and collaborate with other schools in Eden Learning Trust.


My child has Special Needs. Will they still get help and support?

Support for SEND children will be unaffected by joining the Eden Learning Trust MAT. Eden Learning Trust and King James I Academy are fully committed to providing the best education for all pupils.


Will the uniform change?

There are no plans to change the Academy uniform


Would the name of the school change?

We do not intend to change the name of the school and Eden Learning Trust are strongly committed to retaining the identity of each school within the Multi Academy Trust.


Would the times of the school day and holidays change?

We have no plans to change the times of the school day or the term dates.


Why has King James I Academy Trust chosen to join the Eden Learning Trust MAT

The Department for Education encourages the growth and development of multi academy trusts. The Eden Learning Trust has a similar ethos to our own school and like us, they value and want the best for every child. They are close enough geographically to allow teachers to share training opportunities.


What will happen to the Trust Board and Governors?

The current Board of trustees will be known as the Local Governing body but will still be responsible for the standards in the school, including the performance of staff and pupils. We will also have a representative on the main Trust Board


What will happen to the buildings?

Eden Learning Trust will have overall responsibility for the Academy buildings, but this will be delegated to a local level, meaning there will be minimal change.


What happens next, what is the timescale of any change?

Trustees would need to consider all of the feedback and outcome of this consultation process and then meet to discuss whether they wish to proceed.

The earliest this change is likely to be able to be implemented is during Autumn 2023.