Remote Learning - Morning Registration Form

All Students must fill in this registration form every morning when remote learning BEFORE the following times:

  • Year 7 & Year 9: 8:50am
  • Year 8 & Year 10: 9:50am
  • Year 11: 9:40am
  • Sixth Form: 9:30am
  • Please note you must be logged in to your academy Google account to access this form. For example, on your Chromebook.

    Register Attendance

Virtual Assemblies - Every Monday - 10am.

Assemblies start on Monday 1st of February at 10am. Join your Tutor Group Google Classroom for a Live Assembly. This will replace your normal 10am lesson. Make sure you attend to support you further with your online learning and important information from your tutor. Tutors are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

KJ Linked 24

Click here to view Issue 24 of KJ Linked.

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Reading project

Discover new places, both real and fictional,  and go on your own journey of discovery.

As you start your journey through King James I Academy, we want to develop and encourage your reading skills. You have been set a challenge to read 4 books and complete a quiz and a task

for each one.

Each book, quiz and activity will be worth points.  The points you achieve will be collected when you start school in September and will be added to your personal class charts account, giving you a head start with rewards.

There are a total of 60 points available 10 for each book, 10 for each quiz and 10 for each additional task.

To access the books you need to go to the King James 1 Academy website and click on the reading planet icon that looks like this.

You then log in with your own personal

Username : yourname

Password:   kingjames

You do not need a centre ID.


Agree to the terms and conditions and then press return.

Once you have done that you can read the 4 books that have already been set for you. The quizzes are also there on your page for you to complete.

I can see on my computer what you have read and how you did on the quiz.

The additional tasks for each book are on the next few pages. 


So, the challenge has been set and I very much look forward to seeing you and your completed work.



Reading Introduction: Reading introduction.docx

Be Your Best You

Lesson Presentation BE YOU BEST YOU.pptx
My Control Activity Sheet.pdf
Pyramid of Priorities Activity Sheet.pdf
Support Network Web.pdf


Biome Explorer

Interactive World Biomes Map Powerpoint.ppt
World Biomes Map Colouring Activity Sheet.pdf


Discovering Lost Civilisations

Lesson Presentation Meeting the Maya.ppt
Activity Sheet Welcome to the Maya Area.pdf
Activity Sheet Maya Map.pdf


Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Inside the Earth - Labelling Sheet.pdf
Inside the Earth - Labelling Sheet[1].pdf
Journey to the Centre of the Earth - PowerPoint.ppt
Planning Sheet.pdf