Children's Play, Learning and Development

The Early Years Foundation Stage Course

Students completing this course will be aiming to go on to employment often via the stepping stone of higher education. This course has been approved by The National College for Teaching and Leadership. This course will develop the skills and underpinning knowledge required for those interested in a career in Primary Education, Early Years and Professionals working in these settings. We will look at the development of the child as well as adverse factors affecting their development. We will consider how to ensure Children are safeguarded and the professionals involved in this process. Students will develop their understanding of the National Curriculum and areas included in the Early Years Foundation Stage. They will learn the techniques used in classrooms to develop children.

Units Studied:

Children’s Development (External)

Development of Children’s (External)

Play and Learning

Communication, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Keeping Children Safe

Working with Parents and Others in Early Years


Students will be assessed through examinations and coursework. They will need to demonstrate their knowledge in understanding of Children, their development and the education system. They should be able to apply their learning independently to tasks, case studies and assessments. They will be expected to do presentations, work collaboratively and self-manage their workload. All of these are vital skills in order to ensure success in a professional capacity. We value the importance of observations through working with family members or visiting Nursery settings in order to ensure they have a sound understanding of theoretical knowledge.