Special Educational Needs

The department offers support to students in a number of ways:

Individual: (Literacy, Numeracy, Study Skills Physiotherapy, Medication, Physical Difficulties, Listening and Counselling, Support with Transition)
Small Group: (Learning to Learn, Literacy, Study Skill, Dyspraxia, Numeracy, Behaviour Support, Life Skills, Personal Social Development, Homework Support, Art and Music Therapy, Gardening, and Independent Travel
In Class: All Curriculum Areas, covering the whole age range.

The aim of the department is "to ensure that all students with additional needs, (needs which are beyond the differentiation and normal classroom strategies adopted by teachers), are identified, referred, appropriately supported and that such needs are reviewed in a timely manner in order to ensure that all targeted students can make academic progress and add value to their personal expectations".


In Class Support

Learning Support Assistants offer in-class support covering all subject areas, working collaboratively with teaching staff to meet students’ educational needs and raise standards. Learning Support Assistants offer subject specialism, and aim to support students to reach their true potential. Students’ academic performance is monitored and additional support is offered if required.



Some of our students have Individual Physiotherapy Programmes to develop fine and gross motor skills. Staff work collaboratively with the Physiotherapy Services to achieve this. Within every department, we provide access to ground floor classrooms to support our students with physical difficulties. We encourage able bodied students to support students with physical difficulties to move around the school site.

Modified Sports

Our students benefit from accessing a range of modified sporting activities. These include: Boccia, Table Cricket, New Age Kurling, Wheelchair Basketball, Archery, Fencing, Swimming, Adapted Athletics and Tag Rugby. This gives our students the ability to experience the thrill of competition, and develop friendships with peers from other schools whilst improving their confidence and physical abilities.


The Learning Support Unit

Our Learning Support Unit (LSU) offers a wide variety of support to students throughout the school day and across the all curriculum areas. We aim to meet student's needs by developing individual programmes to support our young people. The LSU successfully reintegrates students back into lessons.

The LSU can be accessed by all students during social times, providing a staffed area for vulnerable students.


Independent Travel

The Independent Travel Programme helps students to travel safely to and from school. Activities include planning safe routes, map reading, road safety, understanding the 24 hour clock, handling money, and reading bus timetables. This helps students to build confidence and gain greater freedom in the wider environment.


Skills For Life

The main aim for the Skills For Life Programme is to help students develop new skills, becoming independent and increasing their self-esteem. This includes activities such as: cooking, food hygiene and safety in the kitchen. Students are given experience in shopping on a budget and handling money, both in shops and at the local bank.


Students With Medical Needs

Some students require medication during the school day. At King James I Academy we have members of staff designated to support individual students throughout the day, enabling them to attend lessons as normal.