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As we enter an indefinite period of lock down in the UK it has never been more important to stay in touch and keep busy.

This weekly newsletter will share positive news and ideas for activities that you can do at home to stay happy and healthy until the crisis passes.

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Revision Matters


Revision Strategies

The revision Strategies Booklet is available on the link below.  It is a compendium of revision strategies which have been produced by teachers at King James to help support you in your preparation for your Summer examinations.

Revision Strategies Booklet


Blank Revision Timetable

There is a blank printable revision timetable for students to allow you to plan your revision for all of your upcoming exams. Click the following links to download them.

Holiday Revision Timetable

Term Time Revision Timetable


Night School

To enhance student revision at home, we are offering a student friendly revision and work room called: Night School. These are hourly sessions, from the end of the school day, till 4.30pm, where students can complete homework and revision in a quiet, supervised environment, with ICT access if required. Refreshments will be provided to aid focus and a positive experience. There will be several sessions each week, running every day.

The night school is voluntary, however, where we feel your child is under performing and not completing adequate work, we will contact you to advise you that your child attends until they are back on track. Night school will start on Monday 29th January 2018.

For further information please see your pack from Parents’ Evening or contact Mrs Stead for more details.


Beat Exam Stress

Exam time can be extremely stressful for students, so be sure to plan ahead, but also don't be afraid to ask for help if neeeded at Student Support.  Be sure to read these following documents as they show how to minimise the stress of exams.


Exam Calendar

The exam calendar can be viewed in a number of ways.