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As we enter an indefinite period of lock down in the UK it has never been more important to stay in touch and keep busy.

This weekly newsletter will share positive news and ideas for activities that you can do at home to stay happy and healthy until the crisis passes.

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King James I Academy PE Department

Welcome to the PE Department section of the website.

At King James I Academy we strive to offer a wide range of sports that inspire and challenge all students in their PE lessons and during extra curricular activities. On the website you can see our curriculum, Kit policy, clubs, trips, teams and more.

Read our recent bulletin - BulletinOct2019.docx

Read our PE Kit Policy here - PEKitPolicy.doc

KS3 Boys Curriculum - KS3BoysCurriculum2019-2020.doc

KS3 Girls Curriculum - KS3GirlsCurriculum2019-2020.doc

Lunch Time Clubs - LunchTimetable.doc

After School Clubs -AfterSchoolTimetable.doc

Assessment Policy - PEAssessmentPolicy.doc

Homework/Marking Policy - PEHomeworkMarkingPolicy.doc

Boys Football Fixtures 2018-2019 - King James I Academy Football Fixtures 2018-19.pdf

Girls Netball Fixtures 2018-2019 - King James I Academy Netball Fixtures2018-2019.pdf