Language skills are in demand as the work place is becoming increasingly globalised.

Learning a language can compliment a variety of careers as well as developing essential communication skills.

Entry Requirements:

A minimum of GCSE Grade 4 in Spanish; however a Grade 5 or above would be preferable.

How the course is taught

We use a variety of resources including the core course textbook, supplementary grammar resources, interactive websites, foreign films, songs and literature. Students are encouraged to speak in Spanish for the majority of lessons to improve fluency.

What areas are covered by the course?

Year 1
Media (TV, advertising, new technologies); Popular Culture (film, music, fashion); Healthy Living (sports, health and well-being, holidays); Family and Personal Relationships.

Year 2
Environment (pollution, energy, protection of the planet); the Multicultural Society (immigration, integration, racism); Contemporary Social Problems (poverty, public order, science and technology). Students then cover two cultural topics of their choice, for example foreign cinema, a Spanish speaking country, Spanish literature.

How is the course assessed?

At the end of Year 13 students will have one exam which assesses Listening, Reading and Writing. Students have control of the listening, so they can rewind as many times as they need. They will also do a Speaking Exam with their teacher, which will be recorded and submitted to the exam board for marking.

Career Opportunities

There are a vast number of careers in which languages are vital or a distinct advantage such as Translation and Interpretation, Foreign Journalism, International Law, International Business and Marketing and Teaching at both primary and secondary levels.