Applied Science

Entry Requirements:

The course is aimed at students who are interested in furthering their knowledge of all three sciences: biology, chemistry and physics. The course is acknowledged as the equivalent to one A level and will provide an ideal bases for further education in a science related course at university, or apprenticeship schemes. It also provides a range of opportunities to develop further practical skills more advanced than GCSE.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have at least two GCSE’s including Science at Grade D or above.

How the course is taught:

There are three compulsory units and one optional unit, which are taught through interactive teaching methods, practical experiments and student-led activities.

What areas are covered by the course?

  • Biology: Microbiology, human anatomy and specialised cells
  • Chemistry: Atomic structure, bonding and chemical reactions
  • Physics: Waves, electromagnetic radiation and communications

How the course is assessed:

Units are assessed through a combination of external and internal assessment. There is one written examination and an externally assessed practical project which is set by the exam board, and internal assessment through a portfolio of work.

Career Opportunities

This broad scientific course will provide a strong basis for a wide range of courses including Nursing, Sports Science, Engineering and working in chemical industries. It will act as a good foundation for further academic study or provide advanced knowledge and skills to use in employment or further apprenticeship schemes in a trade setting