Studying the Science of food

June 2022


Level 3 students from left: Joshua G, Megan T and Brooke H.

Our Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition students have been carrying out experiments to investigate how different processes can change the properties of food.

In the experiment, students investigated the process of emulsification using jars containing vinegar and oil to which they added mustard, egg yolk, egg white, sugar, salt and pepper to test the reaction. This experiment was designed to help students solve food production problems; understanding the scientific processes behind food preparation and cooking means that young cooks are able to resolve issues such as sauces and batters separating.

Brooke H, far right said, “I really enjoyed the task and feel much more confident in my knowledge because of it. Being able to actually see the process helped me to understand the theory behind cooking and why science inn the kitchen is crucial.”