Year 7 Parents Evening - 14th June 5pm-7pm

Creative News Production in Media Studies

October 2021


Brooke M, assisted by Sam H, filming the news anchor segments of Teddy Talk News.

Year 14 Media students are currently working on a range of TV news programmes aimed at children and young people as the target audience.

It is fair to say that the majority of TV news viewers are over the age of 30, so the challenge faced by our students is how to create a show that will appeal to audiences who are considerably younger. From the effective selection of news stories to upbeat scripts and youthful anchors and reporters on location, our media students have excelled and their programmes are really taking shape.

Brooke M, pictured here, came up with an ingenious concept for a news programme for very young children which features animal-related stories and a host of stuffed animals as the cast. 'Teddy Talk News' is designed to introduce children to important issues such as plastic pollution and the crisis in animal shelters following the pandemic, in a fun and easy to understand way.

All students will be using green screen technology to apply an effective news studio background during the editing process, and to transport their reporters to far away locations. We look forward to seeing the finished results!