Getting Down to Business

May 2018


Year 13 Business Studies students from left: Sonny, Abby and Declan.

Three of our BTEC Business students in Year 13 have recently completed a 40 hour work experience placement at Arlington Automotive in Newton Aycliffe.

The placement allowed them to complete one of their coursework units entitled ‘Work Experience in Business’, but students gained a great deal more in terms of personal growth. Abby W spent her time working in the Commercial Department whilst Declan M worked in Engineering and Sonny H worked in Finance.

Following the placement, students prepared a presentation which they delivered to representatives from the company, discussing what they had gained from the experience overall.

Abby said, “This has really helped me to clarify my career goals. When I first started at Arlington I didn’t know which path I wanted to take in business but the placement has given me an insight into possible career opportunities”

“Thanks to Arlington I have learned my personal strengths in a working environment and I know this will help me at University as well as in a job. I now know that I have the ability to work independently as well as being able to build good relationships, and that an enthusiastic outlook on work is a real advantage.”

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